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Uniting Roots, Amplifying Voices

Our mission is to empower people of indigenous and multicultural backgrounds to be agents of positive change for their communities.

We unite and support the Indigenous peoples of Russia by fostering diaspora development abroad and promoting cultural initiatives. By producing educational content, we strive to raise visibility and awareness of the issues faced by indigenous and multicultural peoples of Russia.

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Из Якутска в Нью-Йорк

Читайте наш первый пост 

Our Story

Yurt Community was established in London in September 2022, first taking shape as an anti-war coalition of Indigenous peoples from Russia. What began as a pressing need for unity and advocacy in these challenging times soon grew into a multicultural diaspora community, drawing together diverse backgrounds and shared experiences. Impacted by global events and driven by a shared vision of peace and empowerment, our founders were committed to creating a platform to amplify the voices of this multicultural diaspora community. They sought to contribute to a broader dialogue on multiculturalism, peace, and shared human rights. Starting with a modest group of like-minded individuals, our multicultural diaspora community grew and thrived. The diversity of our members, their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences have enriched our community and guided our mission. From our anti-war roots, we have evolved to focus on diaspora development, cultural initiatives, and educational outreach. The essence of our origins—unity, peace, and advocacy—continues to form the bedrock of our mission and values. Today, Yurt Community stands as a vibrant and ever-expanding multicultural diaspora network. We remain committed to empowering our members and fostering positive change in communities worldwide. As we look to the future, we are excited about our continued growth, learning, and impact.

What We Do

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